“Eskatology has been working in the background to establish himself as a rising indigenous poet, while focusing his love for hip-hop he also has started writing spoken word poetry. “

Being born on the 26th January 1986, Jono to his family was growing in the early 90’s with influences from N.W.A. which he discovered from his cousin at the age of 11, and Early death row records and ruthless records, he seen the full depth of gangsta rap,

While enjoying in the music, Eska decided after watching the comical movie CB4 to mimic what was being said, after the death of his grandma, eskatology started experiencing Anxiety and panic which put his mind into a spin, and loss a sense of identity.

Learning to write down his thoughts he began to rhyme them and create lyrics over jacked beats.

By 19 whilst dealing with the struggles of poverty and anxiety esktology turned to alcohol and the pen to deal with his emotions.

By 2006 he had written Lost Angel under the alias of J-Locc, and was given out as a free download on

Eskatology stayed fairly passive with his music, working with local youth mentors and local emcees, until moving from the small town of Port Augusta to the Larger Landscape and the Capital Adelaide in 2008, where he began to go to local shows, and start to perform his own sets,

Within the 9 years he started to establish himself as a rising indigenous emcee, working with artists like Simplex (Terra Firma), NJE (syd) and supporting International Artists such as Xzibit, Snak The Ripper, and Cormega.

Eskatology’s music expresses deep thoughtful ness, while challenging the systems in place and social norms.

Eskatology is inspired by world events, teachings of spirituality, human living, and activist speakers.

Eskatology has just wrapped up his Reality Series in which saw him release 2 EP’s ( A Dose Of reality (2013)& The Conscious reality (2008) and 2 full lengths Eskape Reality (2012) & reality Check (2017) in which each album outlines the ways in which we view the world from one person’s eyes.  

He is regarded as being the bridge to cross cultures fostering thoughts that impact on todays society.

Eskatology can be contacted on his multimedia sites below


New single thankful feat Dan the underdog and Nje Plus zaf Sounds on the  talkbox ! 

New single thankful feat Dan the underdog and Nje Plus zaf Sounds on the talkbox

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Hello, World!



Hello, World!

Prelude to reality / A Dose OF reality 2013/2014

Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Eskape Reality 2012

Hello, World!

eskatology's Single "I Wish" dedicated to a passing of a close friend Full song can be downloaded at for more track's from Eskatology go to or to buy/ download free music of his go to
Track about racial tensions, understanding, unity and reconciliation
Uploaded by Jono Stier on 2017-03-29.
Eskatology performs their original song 'Colour Lines' with Bianca live at Club 5082 during National Reconciliation Week 2016. This is a live multicam edit that you can share and embed as you wish. The video portion of this production is copyrighted by SivRoe productions, please do not re-upload or redistribute.



A Dose And Prelude