For the  release of Eskatology’s New Single “Her Majesty”

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Eskatology has released his first single from his second Album,

“Reality Check”, the track delivers a powerful message of culture, Respect and understanding,


 while trying to bridge the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people, you’ll find the message in the lyrics hard hitting, and both smoothing it’s hard not to go past the title, while eskatology says it’s not a dig, it does draw attention to the dark side of the British royal family


“Whether you agree/ decide if its genocide

Or an act to terrorize/ can you sympathize/

When you look a nunga straight dead in the eyez/

See the lies and severed ties we have survived/


and not being as benevolent as one would see with the past of concurring many of the countries we see today, such as India and Australia the monarchy has seemed to have swept many of its past under the rug.


Eskatology short background:

Emerging Australian Hip Hop Artist, Eskatology is one of most exciting new talents to come out of South Australia. His Indigenous roots remain his foundation, but this artist sees himself as a bridge, with a desire to affirm positive thoughts, and foster deep respect across cultures.


Eskatology’s music is a vehicle for social change, political awareness, and spiritual thought. His affiliation with Hip Hop originates from his own struggle to overcome the disadvantage face by many young black men.

He began writing at 12 years of age, and found a way to Escape Reality through music. The lyrical depth, and profound emotion of his music make him an important contributor to the Australian Hip Hop musical landscape.